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Leading A Successful Life
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Divine Appointment With Destiny

This is your hour! God has a destiny for your life. God has chosen you, ordained you, and called you to rise into the full stature of Christ and walk in the fullness of His power and glory in this hour.In this book, you will receive revelation knowledge. You will learn...

Leading A Successful Life



"The focus here is to plan for a level of success that meets one's physical and spiritual needs. Moreover, the focus here is to build success that is lasting, not temporary. There is the level of success that is measured when people meet career goals, personal goals, family goals, and so forth. Then there is the level of success that is realized when people understand their destiny and find happiness in fulfilling their reason for being. Also, one thing is to be successful and another thing after all, is to finish well in life".

COURAGE: Fighting the Battles of Your Life

Can you make it happen? You have a dream, vision or a heart desire--that’s great! But can you make it occur? Many conceive and command dreams, but few fulfill them. Why and how in the world are some dreams being fulfilled and some are not?

Reaping An Abundant Harvest

Living God's Law of the HarvestMorris Cerullo’s new book, Reaping an Abundant Harvest, will take you on an incredible, life-changing, financial journey. There are powerful principles in God’s Word to govern every aspect of your finances such as faith, financial anointing, sowing, reaping, more than enough, and many others that will take you from poverty to prosperity, from merely existing to becoming ...

One Demon Spirit

Demon power is real. It can grab hold of people and drag them into despair and ruin their lives. Fear is the one demon spirit that controls, dominates, possesses, oppresses, vexes, and torments. Through the power of God, Dr. Cerullo teaches a special revelation of insight to...