By the Power of God.
The actual main problem of the world is, that we are trying to change things only God can change by his word, Spirit, and power.

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A Thought With Willie, is a periodically articles from Pastor Willie Yeboah.
Let's Reason


Thoughts are transformed into solutions or problems.

Discover Your Purpose


Life is better lived with a reason.



Who and what you follow influences your life.



Decisions lead to actions and results.

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“You can never take your decision-making seriously until you understand your importance, I mean your purpose, and the value of your decisions. You are a puzzle in the big picture; without your input or with your wrong input, the big picture is never completed.”

“No matter who you are, what your name is, how you came into this world, and your current situation, you are so important; and so are your decisions. And if your decisions could bear a price tag, they are priceless.”


Let’s connect to pray and share the word, power, and wisdom of God together. Life on earth is created by God to be lived in a community. Let’s get stronger, wiser, and healthier spiritually and physically together.

Adequate information helps you make better decisions about your spiritual and physical life. Communication and search bring to light what you don’t know, and a deeper understanding of what you already know.

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