• The Interior Overcomes the Exterior
  • The Lord Has His Eyes on You, and Will Remember You
  • Surely, there would be days of trouble in your life, but use them to develop yourself for the dream and vision you have in life.
  • There would be challenging times in your life if you have a dream, vision, purpose and destiny.
  • Fear can kill your dreams and visions in life. But don’t let it be so, learn to overcome your fears and doubts.
  • A Divine Appointment
  • Discouragers can kill your dreams and visions in life
  • Is There Not A Cause In Your Life?


A gentleman tired of life, the challenges, obstacles, disappointments, pains and failures sat down at his dining table one morning for a cup of coffee to jump start his imaginable frustrating and unhappy day. Suddenly, he recalled someone told him it’s a good thing to start off your day by saying a prayer. Then he said to himself, “If I ever have a prayer to say, that would be to ask God why he made my life so miserable?” “And why can’t I live in paradise even now, and have to wait until sometime after I die or the world ends?”

Out of nowhere a sweet, yet strong, powerful voice like millions of thunders sounded and asked, “Could you please tell me what paradise looks and feels like?” The gentleman responded, “Are you God?” “Yes”, the voice answered. “Ok now”, the gentleman said. “I want to make sure I get it all in for you to understand my point, so please hold on; let me grab my dictionary.” The gentleman added.

He went to his bookshelf and took his dictionary, opened it to the word “Paradise” and started reading its definition out loud: “A place or state of bliss, felicity, or delight”. “Alright,” said the voice. “Do you know you can create a little paradise for yourself and others on earth while you are waiting for my big paradise to come?” “And make no mistake, it will surely come though.” He added. The gentleman enraged retorted, “How can I do that, are you serious?” The voice replied, “Yes, I’m serious. Could you close your eyes for a minute now as I show you how and what is missing?” The gentleman said, “Sure”. Then he closed his eyes and instantly found himself in paradise surrounded by lions, jaguars and tigers. He was terrified and screamed alarmingly. The voice said, “You have just been in paradise; why did you scream?” The gentleman answered, “Because I was afraid to death.” Then the voice said, “Sorry, if the person who told you about paradise did not tell you that in paradise, lions, jaguars, tigers and all animals can cohabit with human beings and would not hurt them.” “You see, that’s what is missing and preventing you to create a little paradise there on earth for yourself and others while you are waiting for my big paradise to come — It’s called COURAGE”. And the voice continued and said, “Do you want to succeed in life? Have a little courage to make it happen. Do you need happiness? Have a little courage to create it. Do you need peace? Have a little courage to create it. Do you need freedom? Have a little courage to create it. Do you need healing and deliverance? Have a little courage to get it.

The gentleman said, “Ok, I will go now and have a little courage to make it through the minute, hour, day, week, month, year and my whole life. And I will help others to do the same”.


He’s from the Tribe of Judah. His father was Jesse, a Bethlehemite, he was the youngest among his brothers, a shepherd, and he was ruddy, and withal of a beautiful countenance, good looking, a psalmist (musician), a mighty valiant man, a man of war, prudent in matters, a comely person, and the Lord is with him” (I Samuel 16: 1-23). That was how the servants of Saul described him to their master, the king, Saul. Nevertheless, above all the characteristics these servants of King Saul discovered in him, he was courageous. His name is David. Before we examine the other attributes of David who later became King David, I want to make light on the very one that set a path to his Kingship and God used him to prove to the children of Israel and their enemies he was worth being their king and leader.

It all started with the disobedience of King Saul (I Samuel 15:1-35). God was looking for a courageous, faithful, persistent, consistent and resilient man to replace him. Sure enough, He found somebody from the tribe of Judah, which is one of the twelve tribes of Israel. After rebuking Prophet Samuel to stop pleading with Him over king Saul, He asked him to go anoint one of Jesse’s sons, and He added, “I have provided me a king among his sons” (I Samuel 16: 1).

Upon these instructions of God to Prophet Samuel, he replied to God if King Saul ever detected his actions, he may chop his head or kill him to stay in power and control the Kingdom. God understood the complaint of Prophet Samuel and gave him an action-plan to go with. Are you stuck somewhere in life where you don’t know your way in or out of a situation? Let God know and request His help and action-plan to make it happen for your good. Sometimes you don’t need much prayer for a solution– all you may need is to follow God’s instruction and you will see a perfect, notable and miraculous result. He’s the source of wisdom and knowledge and will give it to you (Ecclesiastes 2: 26).

Prophet Samuel followed the action-plan of God and went to Bethlehem the city of David and the Elders as he has foreseen it asked him if he was coming peacefully, he responded, “peacefully”: He has come to make sacrifice to the Lord (I Samuel 16: 4-5).

The Interior Overcomes the Exterior

Prophet Samuel sanctified and invited Jesse and his sons to the ceremony as a care off to anoint the chosen one of God, the future King of Israel. When he saw Eliab, he said, “Surely the Lord’s anointed is before me” (I Samuel 16: 6). But God objected and said, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart” (I Samuel 16:7). One of the reasons why sometimes we make wrong or bad decisions and choices is the consideration of the outward rather than the inward. God makes this lesson stand in remembrance to us –, what makes a good person is not her appearance, but the heart, which means the character, attitude, and beliefs of the person. A beautiful lady doesn’t mean, a good lady, a handsome man doesn’t mean a good man, a beautiful car doesn’t mean a good car, a beautiful house doesn’t mean a good house, a high paying job doesn’t mean a good and fulfilling job, a big ministry doesn’t mean a good ministry, a great preacher doesn’t mean a man of God. The beauty of the heart of a person or something is the most important to God and should be the same to us. Choices or decisions we make base on just the exterior of a person or something may be regretted sooner or later.

The Lord Has His Eyes on You, and Will Remember You

Jesse called all his seven (7) sons and passed them before Prophet Samuel except one, whom he even doesn’t count among them that could become somebody. In effect, Prophet Samuel would ask him, “Are here all your children”? (I Samuel 16: 11). He replied, “There remained yet the youngest, and look, he keeps the sheep”. And Prophet Samuel said, “Send to fetch him: for we will not sit down till he comes here”. I think Jesse in a disappointed and hopeless mood perceived in his heart and said, “If God couldn’t choose any of these, I don’t see the need of even bringing the youngest from the bush”. Nevertheless, I believe out of respect to God and the prophet, he sent to fetch David.

As soon as David arrived to the meeting place, God spoke to Prophet Samuel, “Arise and anoint him: for this is he” (I Samuel 16: 12). He took the horn of oil, and anointed David as the next King of Israel. And the Bible made it clear that the Spirit of God came upon David from that day forward (I Samuel 16: 13). And Prophet Samuel departed to go to Ramah. Notice the Bible states from that day forward the Spirit of God came upon David, but there was nothing spectacular about the life of David at the moment, even though he has been anointed. You may be called and anointed by God to become somebody and be used by God as a vessel to do great things in this world, but people and even you, may not notice anything striking about your life at the moment, though some signs of the extraordinary may be sensed and viewed.

Surely, there would be days of trouble in your life, but use them to develop yourself for the dream and vision you have in life.

The disobedience of King Saul opened the door for an evil spirit to enter his life and started oppressing him. In the end, his servant suggested a cure for his master’s affliction: He said, “Let our lord now command his servants to look for a cunning harp player, so that when the evil spirit comes on him, the latter would play with his hand and the King should be well” (I Samuel 16: 16). One of King Saul’s servants answered he knows about a son of Jesse who is an amateur in playing harp; not only that, he is a mighty valiant man, and a man of war, prudent in matters, a comely person and the Lord (God) is with him. As the Bible says, “A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men” (Proverbs 16: 18). David found favor in the sight of the King as he sent for him and requested his father Jesse to let him stand before him. David not only became a harp player, but also the armourbearer of the King (I Samuel 16: 19-21). And when the evil spirit comes upon King Saul, he plays the harp and the King gets delivered and refreshed (I Samuel 16: 23). There must be something more than just a harp or music that sets King Saul free when David plays – I believe is the anointing of the power of God in the life of David that evil spirits cannot withstand. The Bible says, “—the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing” (Isaiah 10: 27). Rough music, preaching, teaching, praying or fasting does not produce anything more than the common or ordinary results. But when these things are exercised in the anointing of the Most High God, there would be deliverance, healing, miracles signs and wonders.

Whatever God has created you or called you to do in this world as a child of God — whether ministry, profession or business, you cannot excel in it without His anointing. If you want to see your talents or gifts, destiny and purpose reach great heights in life, ask the Father to anoint you; for there should always be a special anointing that endorses the calling of God. And until you receive that–, you may crack under the burden of your calling by trying to make it with your wisdom, knowledge and strength. The Bible says, “—Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord” (Zechariah 4: 6).

While standing before King Saul and bearing his armor, David was learning and developing more skills of war and kingship to become a better King as he was learning from the successes and mistakes of King Saul. There is a reason why God has left or put you where you are right now in life no matter what you may be going through. It may be difficult and frustrating, but God is the best trainer and knows better how to give you the proper training to succeed in your calling, purpose and destiny on earth. He is using your current situations to develop you in character, attitude and faith to get you ready for the great task He has called or created you to do in this world.

It is interesting when you look up the meaning of the word development in the dictionary. According to the Merriam Webster English Dictionary, development is the act or process of growing or causing something to grow or become larger or more advanced, the act or process of creating something over a period of time. Yes, development is a process and at times can be painful. But it grows you into the full man or woman of God He has created you to be. As you gain more knowledge, wisdom and faith from your pains, mistakes and misbehaviors, you will advance in your calling, ministry, carrier, business, education, marriage or relationship over a period of time. Pain births power, either positive or negative depending on the one you choose it to become. When you allow God to develop you — even through pain sometimes, and your pain becomes a positive power, it will deliver, heal, prosper and defend and protect you and others. But when you allow the devil to use your pain to turn it into a negative power (hate and revenge), it will enslave, destroy and kill you and others around you. I will talk about development in depth in another chapter as well.

There would be challenging times in your life if you have a dream, vision, purpose and destiny.

The Philistines gathered together their armies to battle against the children of Israel and they camped at Shochoh, which belong to Judah. King Saul and his armies pitched by the valley of Elah, and set the battle in array against the Philistines. The children of Israel stood on a mountain on the other side and the Philistines also stood on a mountain on the other side: and there was a valley between them. Surprisingly, there was coming out a giant and maybe they have never seen before. I guess they may think at first he was a beast, god or demon of the Philistines; — a man whom the Bible called “a champion” out of the camp of the Philistines, named Goliath of Gath, whose weight was six cubits and a span and not even counting his armor. In comparison, we understand he was about 292.5 centimeters or 9 foot 7 inches, if one assumes a cubit at 45 centimeters.

“Goliath stood and shouted to the ranks of Israel, “Why do you come out and line up for battle? Am I not a Philistine, and are you not the servants of Saul? Choose a man and have him come down to me. If he is able to fight and kill me, we will become your subjects; but if I overcome him and kill him, you will become our subjects and serve us” (I Samuel 17: 8-9). When King Saul and the armies of Israel heard the ranting voice of Goliath, their heart beat changed to an unimaginable rate, their souls became bitter, their mighty arms became weak; they couldn’t believe what their eyes were seeing. All they can see was hopelessness, defeat and death.

Most of the times when challenging and troubling moments arise in our lives, we stay in denial for a moment and not believing we could find ourselves in such situations: it may be the loss of a loved one, a medical report, a divorce, a break up, the collapse of a business, a loss of job or position, a failure, debt, legal matter, a loss of home and many other life challenges. In addition to that, we become weak and hopeless and lose the confidence, power or energy to fight for victory or in order to recover from the attack of the enemy. The devil and life challenges, our enemies know something we often forget as children of God: when God arises, His enemies scatter (Psalms 68: 1). I pray, may the God of heaven arise in your life and let His enemies (your enemies) be scattered, in the mighty Name of Jesus. God says, “Because of the oppression of the weak and the groaning of the needy, I will now arise –. ” I will protect them from those who malign them” (Psalm 12: 5, NIV). God is a loving Father. He is a God of justice. He would not let His enemies (your enemies) or whatever you are going through now win. At times, it looks like they are winning or have already won. But just watch God transform the bad the enemy meant into GOOD in your life.

Fear can kill your dreams and visions in life. But don’t let it be so, learn to overcome your fears and doubts.

The Bible says King Saul and the armies of Israel were greatly afraid. Fear is a common tool, a method or strategy the devil uses to block the success and great accomplishment in the lives of the children of God. Fear may cause you not to think right before making a decision, say or do things you are not supposed to say or do. Fear can make you lie. Fear can make you make wrong decisions. Fear can make you stay in things you are not supposed to stay in. Fear can make you marry the wrong person. Fear can make you not wait for God’s perfect will to be done in your life. Fear can make you take actions you are not supposed to take.

Fear is a vital response to physical and emotional danger. If we can’t feel it, we can’t protect ourselves from legitimate dangers, and it is a God-given natural sensor to protect us. But often we fear situations that are in no way life threaten for no good reason. I have learned that now, with the help of modern technology and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, scientists can observe what is occurring in the brain as humans experience and learn fear. And there are many teachings by psychologists about how to manage fear. I respect and salute all their efforts to help people with their specialties. In effect, the best thing or person you need to help you manage fear in times of trouble and defy in life, is the Holy Spirit of God Almighty.

You see, I believe King Saul and the children of Israel were good fighters or soldiers. They surely were taught by trainers how to be a skilled fighter and overcome fear in war and fight a good battle in their days. But when the unimaginable, which they believe was the impossible was standing in front of them in the valley, the fear sensor signaled to them that their skills could not withstand this one, the warrior Goliath. I believe Knowledge is power, wisdom is good, and talents or skills are awesome, but the truth is, they may not be able to save you from some impossibility in life — But God. Understand this: it takes only the supernatural to overcome the impossible in your life; and whenever there is an impossibility, it means is beyond the care of the natural. And the Bible says, “– With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19: 26); that is why when something is beyond the knowledge, wisdom and skills of men, only God can handle it — And He will handle it, if you let it be. God will handle it by the power of the Holy Spirit through a human being, an angel, an animal or even an object. Is there anything beyond your ability and capacity to handle that is trying to terrorize you and still your peace, joy and security? The Bible says, “You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world” (I John 4: 4, NIV).

While David returned from King Saul to feed his father’s sheep at Bethlehem, his three (3) elder brothers Eliab, Abinadab and Shammah were with King Saul and the children of Israel at the battle field when Goliath the Philistine was defying the armies of God.

A Divine Appointment

Jesse the father of David requested from David to take an ephah of parched corn, ten (10) loaves and run to the battle field for his brothers and the captain of their thousand and see how they were doing. David in obedience to his father left the sheep to a keeper and rose up early in the morning to go to the battle field and by the time he got there, the army was going forth to fight as they shouted for battle. David came to his brothers, saluted and chatted with them. During their conversation, Goliath came up one more time to defy the armies of the Children of Israel and they fled from him and were sore afraid. The warriors told David the promises of the King, which were to enrich and give his daughter to whoever would kill Goliath. Moreover, the house of this person’s father will be free in Israel. David inquired from other soldiers and they told him the same thing.

Now, you may be a little confused here about what really motivated David. You may think is the promise of the riches and daughter of the King; however, I personally believe it was more than those things. And the truth is embedded in the verse 26 of I Samuel 17, and we read, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God”? David’s indignation was fired up because he saw no reason why the man Goliath could defy the armies of Israel, the armies of the Living God. David understood that not only Goliath was challenging the armies of the children of Israel, but God Himself. There is no match for God even among the gods, how much more among human beings. The Bible says, “Who among the gods is like you, O Lord? Who is like you–majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders”? (Exodus 15: 11, NIV). Who is that human being or person defying you and your God, the God of Israel? What is that thing, demon, power of darkness or evil spirit, sickness or problem that is defying the Lord God Almighty in your life? What is oppressing or afflicting you? All God wants from you is not to be afraid, but withstand that which is troubling your life, your peace and joy. Understand this: at times God fights your battles for you all by Himself, but then, at times He wants to fight for YOU, THROUGH YOU. And He can’t do this if you can’t stand in His Name.

Discouragers could kill your dreams and visions in life

The Bible says, “Now Eliab his oldest brother heard when he spoke to the men; and Eliab’s anger was aroused against David, and he said, “Why did you come down here? And with whom have you left those few sheep in the wilderness? I know your pride and the insolence of your heart, for you have come down to see the battle.” (I Samuel 17: 28, NKV). Eliab the eldest brother of David was sitting there, afraid to death, sweating and trembling. His appearance, muscle and height which got the attention of Prophet Samuel in the “anointing service” he held in Jesse their father’s house when God sent him could not deliver Israel. You see? God was right. But the other problem here is that while he couldn’t deliver Israel from Goliath all this forty days, He was trying to prevent the person (David) who was willing to go and face the giant to do so. He started by saying in another words David came to the battle field because of his pride – Wrong! David did not go to the battleground because of his pride, his father sent him there while he was minding his own business with the sheep. In addition, remember David was there in the beginning with King Saul and returned to feed his father’s sheep according to what the Bible recorded and we read, “But David went and returned from Saul to feed his father’s sheep at Bethlehem” (I Samuel 17: 15).

At times when people are afraid of taking risk and watch God move on their behalf and you step up to take the risk by faith, they may accuse you of pride or arrogance. But don’t waste your time with discouragers. When you know deep down in your heart you are making the right move at the right time, just move with God. I like what Rev. Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke usually says. He says, “While we are waiting for God to move so that we can move, He is also waiting for us to move so that He can move”. What a truth to discover? Discouragers will never do what they are supposed to do yet, they always find a reason to blame or accuse someone who is willing to defy the enemy or a situation in life, marriage, work, business, school, ministry, nation and the world.

Discouragers don’t bring solutions, they bring criticism. Discouragers don’t bring answers; they bring microscope or magnifier to enlarge the problem in order for you to see how big it is. Discouragers don’t bring plans, strategies or ideas to solve a problem; they bring all the reasons in the world why the situation is impossible to reverse or overcome. Discouragers don’t see the expected end, the peace and the joy and the will of God in a situation, all they see is how bad the situation is right now. Discouragers always want an already made victory where they have nothing to be worried or afraid about and just enjoy it. Discouragers at times want a ministry which is already on brisk so that they would not have to go through any hardship. Discouragers at times want a job or business that is already at the apogee so that they would not have to deal with any constructive responsibility. Discouragers at times want a husband or wife who is already making it big in life so that they would just come and enjoy or not have to help build a legacy — And they do all this in the name of wisdom and knowledge and sometimes backed up with wrong and mis-interpreted Bible quotations.

Wisdom and knowledge are good. I pray God many times to lead me with His wisdom and knowledge. I also believe in keeping the balance between the supernatural and the natural but, you know what? At times the will, purpose, destiny, plan and strategy of God never look logical. It was not logical for Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit in the middle of the Garden while they may eat all the other ones, but when they ate it, they never see the perfect will of God fulfilled in their lives (Genesis 2: 16-25; 3: 1-24). It was not logical for Noah to build an arc that can sail on water without ever witnessing a rain (Genesis chapters 7-8). It was not logical for Abraham to leave his father’s house and go to a land he never knew before and there God would bless him (Genesis chapters 12-13). It was not logical for Abraham and Sarah to have a child when they were 90 and 100 years old respectively (Genesis 21: 1-2). It was not logical for Joseph to become a prime minister in Egypt just by interpreting a dream after being enslaved (Genesis 41: 1-57). It was not logical for Moses to go to Egypt with just a simple rod to demonstrate the supernatural working power of God for Pharaoh to let the children of Israel go (Exodus chapters 4-15). It was not logical for the red sea to depart and let the children of Israel pass through on safe ground (Exodus 14: 1-31). It was not logical for Joshua to pray for the sun to stand still until they destroy Gibeon (Joshua 10: 12-13). It was not logical for an iron axhead to come up and float on water when Elisha cut a stick and threw it where the axhead fell under the water (II Kings 6: 1-7). It was not logical for the Lord Jesus Christ to feed five thousand (5,000) men beside woman and children with only five loaves of bread and two fish (Matthew 14: 1-21). It was not logical for Apostle Peter to get out of the boat and walk on water at the instruction of the master Jesus Christ. (Matthew 14: 22-33). It was not logical that Lazarus who was dead and buried was raised back to life after many days (John 11: 1-45).

If we want to do exploits with God and experience His supernatural working power, we need to develop our faith to believe God to glorify His Name in the most difficult and defying situations in our lives. The Bible says, “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him” (Hebrews 11: 6). And the first (1st) verse of the same chapter of the letter to the Hebrews states, “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” (Hebrews 11: 1).

Is There Not A Cause In Your Life?

David’s declaration in response to his brother’s criticism was the power behind his decision. He knew there was a solid reason for an action, a ground for spiritual and physical legal action against Goliath and a matter to be decided on. It is impossible to fight without a reason or a cause. The cause of wars and battles is within an integrated human motivational complex — sometimes enforced by demons or evil spirits, and this include selfishness, pride, greed, competition, dominance, ideas and values, right? David had many reasons if not one to take action against the enemy of his destiny and purpose.

As a child of God, there must be a cause or reason for you to be able and motivated to fight the battles of your life. Think about your life; is there anything worth fighting for? Yes, of course! Your reason of fight may not be someone’s reason of fight, but whatever good reason (I mean godly reason) it may be, it is a cause and it is worth fighting for. Do you want to be the same negative person you have been several years ago? Do you want to continue living in poverty? Do you want to be unsuccessful? Do you want to fail? Do you feel like dropping out of school? Do you feel like quitting on something you should not? Do you feel like giving up on God and the things of God? Is there not in your life something worth fighting for? Won’t you fight for your marriage? Won’t you fight for your job or career? Won’t you fight for your business? Won’t you fight for your ministry or calling? Won’t you fight for your children? Won’t you fight for your husband? Won’t you fight for your wife? Won’t you fight for your education? Won’t fight for your family? Won’t you fight for your country? David understood there was a reason worth fighting for; you also can fight the battles of your life through faith, prayer, fasting, confessing, good attitude, good character, wisdom, knowledge and the power of the Holy Spirit.

The reason why at times many people don’t fight the battles of their lives but let the challenges of life overcome or conquer their dreams and visions, is because they only think about themselves and only see in the present; and by missing the point, they forget the future and the people who would be affected directly or indirectly by their failure or success. Please understand this: The battles you fight in your life are not only yours, but also for your husband or wife, children, grandchildren, relatives or family, descendants, society and the world. Your failure or success is not only yours, but for all the people and things that are directly or indirectly connected to you spiritually and physically.

Focusing on the cause, reason, the expected end or why you are fighting the battles of your life is very vital if you want to win in life and fulfill your purpose and destiny. Stop focusing on the distractions and focus on the cause. The Lord Jesus Christ while in Gethsemane (Matthew 26: 36-45) and on the way to Calvary (Matthew 26: 27-66) could not give up despite the burden, the pain and suffering, because he could see and focused on the expected end of his mission or purpose, what His sacrifice would grant humanity: salvation, healing, deliverance, peace, joy and hope. He knew if He ever lost the battle against the devil, humanity may be lost in sin and perish forever. He knew His victory was not just His’ but, also a victory for humanity. When you focus on the expected end or the cause, no matter what you are going through now in life to make it and be successful; no matter how vicious the battles of your life are, you would stand till the end. May I ask you again, is there a cause for the battles of your life? If yes, be bold or courageous enough to decide or make up your mind to win in life.

How To Know A Battle Is Worth Fighting In Your Life

Now the question is, do you need to fight every battle in your life? The answer is no. And why should you not fight every battle in your life? The answer is because not every battle is worth fighting. So how do you know a battle is worth fighting? I would like to share with you what I do to know if a battle in my life is worth fighting or not. I ask myself the following questions:

1- Why or what is the reason of the battle?
2- Is the cause or reason in the will of God (would god fight this battle)?
3- Will this bring glory and honor to God?
4- Is it not my pride or ego enticing me to fight this battle?
5- Is it not my selfishness motivating me to fight this battle?
6- What could be the worst cost or price I may pay in this battle?
7- After the battle, then what? What life will be like after winning or losing the battle?

Willie Yeboah

To be continued.