“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” -Ecclesiastes 3: 11.

“…He has done everything well” -Mark 7: 37.

Many times, one of the reasons why we worry about the negative things which are happening in our lives is because we don’t know the end results. And of course, is a human nature. We always want to understand “the why” of things. While we are concerned, busy trying to know and understand “why” this or that, God is concerned and busy about the expected end. Throughout the Bible and even in our individual lives, it’s evident that God always has a purpose for allowing some situations to befall us. He uses these life challenges to…

  • Grow our faith/ trust in Him
  • Get our attention
  • Change our bad character and attitude
  • Humble us
  • Redirect our path to do His will
  • Save us from unknown dangers
  • Help us to reach our full potential in life
  • Reveal the real identity of people around us
  • Mature us spiritually and physically
  • And grow our intelligence and wisdom
And much more…as the list of the reasons can be prolonged. Above all, the interesting part is that while we are worried because of the ignorance of the end result (the expected end of God), He is working behind the scenes. And when he finishes His work at His own time, EVERYTHING BECOMES BEAUTIFUL.
I was thinking about web development the other time as God was ministering to me. If you could get some time to be curious to try and take a look at the HTML or any server-side script language codes like PHP, asp, and others of a website, you will see that the codes look really crazy and can’t be really read and understood by a nonwebsite developer. The fact is that even as a webmaster or developer, it takes months to finally get an understanding of these languages.  And if you haven’t seen an HTML code yet, I have attached an image to this article. An HTML code, or a PHP, asp… code look crazy when opened in a program, but when the website is done and the internet browsers, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera…. start reading these crazy codes on your computer, it looks beautiful, colorful, pleasant, attractive. These browsers render the website in the way the developer designed and programmed it, and intended to present it to the public.it-will-become-beautiful

Maybe right now when you look at your life and consider the challenges you are going through… it looks crazy. You may not understand it. Sometimes you may be confused and argue with God. Yes, it looks crazy now, but it will be beautiful soon when He finishes! Beautiful soon…when the browsers of time, life, purpose and destiny, and God’s unbeatable power will start reading them… it will become beautiful. Stop worrying about the “why”, and ask the Lord to grant you the strength, the anointing, and capacity to endure the development process.